Keyboard shortcuts in text area on observations page

A menu bar has appeared above the active text area on the observations page (web version). The following keyboard shortcuts seem to be supported:

Add bold text: command-b
Add italic text: command-i
Goto end-of-line: command-rightarrow

Where can I find a complete list of supported keyboard shortcuts? TIA


Thanks for the menu bar. A pleasant surprise.

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These were recently implemented, as discussed here:

This has always been possible for me. I believe that’s a feature of your computer (and/or browser?) and is separate from formatting.


In addition to the above, I found:

Add a link: command-k

I haven’t found keyboard shortcuts for the other tools on the menubar.

I assume these shortcuts work on other operating systems besides Mac OS but with different modifier keys. In any case, why not put the relevant keyboard shortcut on the tool’s tool tip? This will make the shortcut obvious to users.


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