Additional "Evidence of Presence" Categories

Before I formally make a feature request I would like to get some input on additional categories I haven’t thought of as well as get an idea of any unanticipated problems there might be with expanding this existing feature.

The drop-down list under the “Evidence of Presence” feature on an iNat Observation page includes Gall, Molt, Organism, Scat, and Track. I would like to add other distinctive characters when they can confirm an organism’s presence. For example, the Creosote Bush Bagworm (Thyridopteryx meadii) larva builds a unique case to shelter in when it is dormant, sometimes for months. The shelter is not a pupa, nor is it a gall. It is more like the construction a caddis fly larva uses. Certain spider’s webs and bird’s or wasp’s nests are distinctive enough that they can confirm the presence of the organism. I’m sure iNatters can think of others.
Can anyone anticipate issues with additional categories in that drop-down list?


You don’t need a separate request when there’s a topic about those.

I trust you’ve read the lengthy discussion here:

It gets complicated quickly. For examples, see these observation fields:
Evidence of woodpecker presence
Beaver evidence

I’m going to close this to focus discussion on the existing topic.