Annotations: Evidence of Presence- no "Value" selection for "Sign" such as nest/lodge/beaver stump?

What is the best way to cite “Evidence of Presence” such as a beaver lodge/ gnawed trees/ an actively used den or nest? Bone, Organism, Scat or Track are not the right categories!

There is an observation field:
But like all observation fields, use likely varies. There are a surprising number of non-beavers with this field (most are No Data).

Just realized you can search observation fields, so you can look for others:✓&q=beaver&commit=Search

Hi Hilary, and welcome to the forum.

The answer to your question is in the announcement New Annotation: Evidence of Presence. Quoting the relevant section:

What about [insert animal-related value here]?

There are certainly other values we’re considering for addition in the future, but again we wanted to start this off with the most commonly seen, useful, and least ambiguous values we could. Some commonly seen and useful values like “domicile” or “construction” seemed too complex for now (do we make different values for a burrow and a bird’s nest and a bee hive, or just use a blanket term? How does this translate to non-English languages?) and others a bit too uncommon or difficult to define for this first phase (eg bear rubs). For more niche or specific data needs, observation fields would be a better choice.


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