All but one photos in a new observation duplicated

Platform: Website:

Browser: Chrome

URL - mot appliable, any newly uploaded observation with more than one photo

duration: about last 24 hours

Step 1. I select several photos
Step 2. I choose the master photo and pop up others under it.
Step 3. I upload this single observation. All photos but the master photo appear duplicated. If I took 2 photos the observation contains 3, if I took 3 it contains 5 and so on.
I have to delete duplicates by editing the observation.

I noticed that duplication occurs at the stage of popping photos under the master photo. When I unhide the photos before observation uploading I noticed that duplicated photos miss metadata (e.g. location).

What I initially choose:

I hide the second photo under the first one

I unhide photos

They appeared three instead of two, one duplicated and misses location

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still the same.E.g.:
3 photos chosen

they grouped into one observation

observation submitted. It contains 5 photos:

This is happening to my obs too. All but the first photos are being doubled.

Further observation on observations: the duplicates are not the same: of the two duplicated photos the first is not of the original size but a smaller preview, corresponding to the format ‘large’. (So I deleted wrong photos while editing observations for the last three days and have to replace them). An obvious bug!

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I have just checked: no such bug when using Mozilla Firefox as a browser. The bug is with Google Chrome. Did not test other browsers.

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The bug happens to me specifically when I “drag” one photo onto another to combine them into one entry. The photos dragged in become duplicated, and the duplicates have no metadata. This means all photos besides the first are usually affected.

It also appears to happen when I drag a photo out of an already combined “pile”. Resulting in two identical photos being separated out.

The bug does not happen however when using the specific “combine” button after having multiple photos selected.


Oh, it’s actually even worse. Dragging a photo anywhere creates a duplication. Even if it isn’t to or from an existing grouping.


Experiencing the same glitch here.

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Have not experienced this yet Office > Chrome.
Just following …

“using the specific “combine” button”

True, but then the first image is the “thumbnail” of the observation.

Anyone know how to solve this bug?

I have the same issue using the Brave Browser (based on Chrome)

Having the same issue tonight, also on Chrome… Didn’t have this issue two nights ago, computer update just happened today while shutting down. The issue appears to have surfaced since this update. Does not appear to be a problem with Microsoft Edge browser.

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Yup, I’ve had the same problem for the last few days. On Chrome. I don’t drag pics on, I “choose an observation” from my current pics file.
Never duplicates the first, but the second and subsequent images are all duplicated

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Also on Chrome. Dragging generated one duplicate.
Combine seems to be okay.

Happening to me as well, on Chrome. Contrary to what has been pointed by other users, using the “combine” button to merge photos into a single observation also produces duplicates of all photos but the first

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I just drag the file from my folder that I want to be the thumbnail first. Then all the others into that. You can also (tediously) name the files in numerical order based on what you want first. I think it always makes the first file the one that is such alphabetically/numerically.

I’ve found another issue. The duplicated image is a much smaller, reduced size photo compared to the original. So if you delete the wrong one, you end up with a very low resolution file on your observation instead. But there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason as to whether the duplicated file appears before or after the correct one.

You can see this by viewing the original sizes of the second and third photo on this observation. The smaller one is the “duplicated” form:

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Are folks still experiencing this? I’m having trouble replicating the problem with the latest version of Chrome available to me (version 96.0.4664.55 on MacOS). Alternatively - is anyone else unable to replicate this? It would be helpful to know who is and is not experiencing this bug, what version of Chrome you are using, and what operating system (MacOS, Windows) and version you are using.

If you are experiencing it - does it happen when you use the “combine” feature? Or does it only happen when you drag? Does it matter if you drag the photo itself, or the entire card?

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96 … 45 on Windows but I haven’t uploaded anything today

I’ve been experiencing this bug for about a week, but I thought it was because I’m currently in a country with rather slow internet. I haven’t uploaded anything today, but yesterday the problem is still existed.