All but one photos in a new observation duplicated

Yes, still experiencing it.

Chrome version is: 96.0.4664.45 on Windows 10

It only happens when dragging a single photo to another observation/card; it does not happen when dragging a card with multiple photos to another card. But dragging a card with only one photo to another card does duplicate the photo from the dragged card. Only the dragged photos are duplicated and not the photo on the card you are dragging to.

It does not happen when I use the “combine” feature.

Thank you for your attention to this!

Tonight the same problem seems to be happening on Microsoft Edge also, but it wasn’t happening there 4 days ago when it was a problem with Google Chrome.

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I too am having this issue with multiple photos. I too thought that using microsoft edge alleviated the issue, but it’s still popping up.

I also can’t replicate in Chrome 96.0.4664.55 in my Mac. Is everyone experiencing this bug using a Windows device? If anyone can share a screen recording of the process, that would be really helpful.

Yes, using Windows here (see above post for more details). I don’t know how to create or share a screen recording, but would happy to do so if given instructions on how to do so. Thank you!

I started having this problem right about when this was posted. It happens to me using Microsoft edge. My duplicate photo is also a different size file than the original.

Screen shots of the bug from Microsoft edge:

@Mossman13 - This should help! ᐅ How to take a screenshot (

@pleary - Great suggestion! I just tried both meathods, and drag and drop causes the problem, but “combine” does not.

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Here is a link to a screen recording:

I forgot to show this part, but the duplication also occurs if you click and hold a single photo and move it out but then put it back on the same card where you got it from (then you end up with two of exactly the same photo).


Just tested Chrom and I have the same problem.

Same here, Brave browser. I deleted the duplicates and when I attempt to submit, it says " Some observations are missing media or identifications" which none are.