Duplicating Observation copies multiple observation

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1.25.7 (522)



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Step 1: Select observation, click on drop down>duplicate

Step 2: Delete photos and upload new photos (organisms collected in the same trap, so this save a lot of time for entering GPS and Date)

Step 3: Hit save. More than the duplicated observation appear as unknown.

I can replicate, I’ll file a bug report this week.

For what it’s worth, the Duplicate functionality is designed primarily for making two observations using the same photo(s) - eg a bee on a flower. If you have a bunch of photos from a session like this, I’d recommend transferring them to a computer and using our web uploader (tutorial here) - that should be more efficient than using the app.

Do your photos have date, time, and location data embedded in them?

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Thank you for the response. So what has worked in the past is I have a photo of the landscape for trap location where the insects were captured, and usually an easily identified plant is the point of that observation (example https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/100519629). Previously, I would duplicate that observation and then upload photos taken later in lab of the specimens for identification. In the past, the worst thing that would happen is the original photo would duplicate within the duplicated observation. Now, it seems that the other observations uploaded at the same time as the observation being duplicated are also duplicated.

I understand that the main function of duplicate was to use the same photo, however the code used to do that should act the same whether new photos are added or not. In this case, the problem occurs if I duplicate and change nothing or when I add new photos. The new photos do have time, location etc data, but the first photo uploaded (the duplicate) is where the code is supposed to obtain those data.

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The issue also occurs when no changes are made to the duplicate. In my case, one additional observation has been created:

whereas when exchanging photos in the duplicated observation before saving, two additional observations were created:

Android; 1.25.14 (529)

This has been fixed in the latest beta version (at least it’s working for me when I test it). Version 1.26.2 (532).

Seems to work.
I chose an observation with multiple photos to be duplicated. Before saving, removed one photo, and added a new one - all looks fine.

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Thanks for letting us know!

Version 1.26.2 (532) is now in the Google Play Store for all to download.