Allow All Project Admins to Edit Published Journal Posts

In a project with multiple admins, all of the admins can edit draft journal posts. However once the post has been published, only the person who hit publish can edit the post afterward. I request that all admins be able to edit all published journal posts.

Actually, turns out that the person who created the initial draft is credited as the “publisher” and is the only person allowed to edit the post after its publication, even when a different admin edited and published the post.
I’d consider that a bug, but I think that fixing it would likely be part of fixing the larger issue here…


Because we messed up when choosing these various terms, admin refers to different things depending on the type of project in question.

Traditional projects have one admin account, and that account can edit the project, see true locations of observations in the project (provided the observers trusted the project), and admin is the only account which can delete the project. Traditional projects also have managers and curators (see their roles here).

Collection and umbrella projects can have multiple admins, who can edit the project and write journal posts but cannot delete the project. Only the project owner can delete the project, so the owner is more equivalent to the “admin” of a traditional project.

Your request seems to only be concerned with collection or umbrella projects - any thoughts on traditional projects?

In our case, we are co-admins of the ID-a-thon collection project. I’m the owner and Amy is one of the other admins. All the admins collaborate on journal drafts, and it varies who publishes (releases) them, although I’m credited creatorship of nearly all of them because I’m usually the one who made the original draft/framework. Who the owner is doesn’t affect ability to edit post-publication, only the original creator of the post.
While it would be clunky, maybe an option to transfer ownership of a specific journal post would be a solution.

I’ve never used any traditional projects tbh, so I’ll leave others to bring up their opinions on the matter. Can Managers or the Admin already edit all journal posts of the project regardless of who made the draft originally?

OK, this has been implemented.