Allow more than one annotation filter per project

Currently, there is a limit of one annotation filter per project and you can choose one particular annotation value or “any” to include all available options. I would like to be able to choose more than one but not all of the annotations available.

Example: A while ago, I’ve created a series of projects with the goal to collect plants of interest to inform group hike decisions. “Interesting” plants for our group are usually the ones that have either flowers or fruits. Therefore, I’d like to set up the projects to collect plants with phenology annotations of either flowering or fruiting.

At the time I created these, the plant phenology annotations only included budding, flowering, and fruiting, so I picked “any” since I figured all of those would be of interest. But now I see that “no evidence of flowering” has been added and it starts popping up in our projects. I would like to see some way to fine-tune the annotation rules for projects to either select two or more “either/or” options (Flowering or Fruiting, in our example), or exclude unwanted options (Any but not No Evidence of Flowering).

I’m aware I could duplicate the project and have one for flowering and another for fruiting and then an umbrella project to combine them, but I think it would be convenient to be able to set up two or more annotations per project and I’m sure there would be more applications for this.