Splitting my observations between two projects

We are setting up two projects, one for trees in our valley wide civic arboretum and one for herbaceous plants flowering month by month in our valley, and we are it finding it difficult to separate our observations in the two.
We can manage the herbaceous observations by including the plant phenology option ‘flower’ in the annotations which keeps out the trees.
The tree project picks up the trees as plants but also the herbaceous observations that I have made because we haven’t found a way of excluding them. The trees are in the existing database of Sidmouth Arboretum and we have set this as an observation field, but we do not know how to set the project requirements to pick up only observations with this field. We only get a small choice of annotations, none, alive or dead, plant phenology, life stage, and sex.

Why don’t you choose tree species as filter in your project, there shouldn’t be too many to add? You can add observation field as criterium in a traditional project, but not collectional.

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We have 150 species of tree listed. I will have a look at a traditional project, thank you.

150 is ok, just add them in project settings, I have projects with 700+ species included, so it’s possible if you of course want to do it but it definitely will help.

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This shouldn’t work - trees have exactly the same flowering phenology options as herbs (after all, all flowering plants go through budding, flowering, fruiting). You may get away with it because fewer iNatters record phenology for trees, but some do. Or am I totally misunderstanding what you are doing here?


Sorry about the delayed response, notifications were off. The two projects only collect observations from members and they are not annotating phenology for the trees, so the trees do not show in the herbaceous project. It is how to stop the herbaceous observations being picked up by the tree project. Playing with a traditional project and taxon options. Fairly new to iNat and enjoying the process of learning.

Right, OK, that works - so long as your members behave.

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