Allow Observers to "Pin" Observation Fields They Use

I’m requesting that iNat add the ability to pin Observation Fields, similar to the “Your Pinned Locations” feature in the Location pop-up, when adding or editing observations.

There are a lot of similar Observation Fields, differing slightly in the details. So I’ve carefully selected which ones capture the data I want to save. But, the “Fields” field only shows the last 10 I’ve used.

I’ve spent a lot of time going back to previous observations, trying to figure out which ones I’ve used (also, just guessing.) I’ve now resorted to keeping a paper list, which is working well for me. But, if I’ve spent so much time on this, other people may have also. Adding this feature might make for a smoother, less frustrating experience.

How many fields do you use? Recently used ones should appear in the pop-up when you click in the search box:

I have about 15 that I use on a semi-regular basis. So, I can’t count on the ones I want being on the pop-up.

I’d love to have a field or two auto populate as blank on my observations by default

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I use a lot, and dont expect to have them all be available, but there are some that are resistant to popping up, even if I used them on the last few observations.
One is “plant flowering phenology” or similar (its a long name, not my own field), and one is “Plant life stage” (also not my own). I often have to type as far as the start of the third word before it comes up, while being shown numerous other fields I have never used.
I would also love it if three of my own fields popped up every time, as most of my observations use one of these three. (Gahnia Grove, Tanekaha Ridge, and Rimu Ridge). I often have to type as far as the second word to get these to pop up. I cant figure out what determines the popping up, as sometimes an immediate repeat use offers the wanted field, and sometimes it doesn’t.

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