Allow the compare button to work for higher level taxa

When you click compare, for e.g. a family taxa, the compare button shows results for species throughout the relevant range. I would like to see results where the entries are grouped by genus instead, so as to select an appropriate genus from the options, and not an appropriate species.

I notice when comparing beetles that the compare will show higher level taxa such as genus tribe or family, but only if there are no RG descendants of that taxon. But if there is even one RG descendant, that descendant is shown and the higher level taxa is unavailable.


“Wenn you get to a hill you switch back gear”
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a button in the “Compare” screen to do the equivalent: Go to a higher level?


It offers exactly that. Click on compare, click on the taxon and the drop down list is higher levels all the way up.

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Oops, never stop learning - Thanks for that!

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