Allow zooming in map on the main page of umbrella projects

When you open the main page of collectional and umbrella projects at the bottom of it you see a map with borders of used places, if it’s a collectional project you can easily use your mouse to zoom in and out of that map, but on the pages of umbrella projects you can only use “+/-” buttons that are not practical to use (they zoom to one chosen spot and it takes more time to do that). Is it possible to add this ability to umbrella projects?
An example of the map in question:

that’s funny… i could have sworn it used to work. but it definitely is not working now.

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Not sure why you can’t scroll zoom here. I thought it was possible in the past but can’t remember for sure. I made a github issue here: FWIW you can currently double click to zoom.

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looks like this has been resolved.

It’s not working for me though.

oh. strange. you’re right. i had tested on a touchscreen, where pinch zooming worked and i thought should have been equivalent to a mouse scroll wheel, but i’m testing on a mouse scroll wheel now, and that doesn’t work, nor do touchpad gestures. (they made the changes a few days ago, but maybe they haven’t deployed the changes yet?)

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looks like the change was deployed (probably as part of yesterday’s outage). works for me.

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Yes, ty, I forgot to mark it as solved, working for last days!