In umbrella project, map view not zoomed in

First I thought this would be a general issue, but other umbrella projects look fine - so it does not warrant a feature request, but it smells a bit buggy to me:

Addendum after posting: I might suspect this is due to fact that no observations are included yet. Then I’d rather have this as a feature request: to define the displayed area of an umbrella project

Platform: Website

Browser: various

**URL (not working as expected):
**URL (working):
**URL (working, with a lot of projects):

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:
The zoom is on a global level, although only projects in Austria are included, so I’d say the display does not work as intended.

Made an umbrella project with the same settings for last year’s CNC, where the zoom level is appropriate (see link above).
I am not aware of any settings that could define the default zoom level.

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The map will be zoomed on observations as soon as the first ones will be made on April 30th.

@carnifex please make a feature request if you would like this functionality to be considered. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I think it’d be a good addition, fwiw.

I’m going to close this bug report.