Turn off scroll-to-zoom on taxon maps in the Identify/Compare modal

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Maybe I’m the only one who’s annoyed by this, when I’m on a taxon page in the Suggestions/Compare modal and want to scroll down to see the taxon’s taxonomy tree, I have to position my pointer to the gutter on either side of the map.

Otherwise, I’ll just zoom in on the map. :rage: Are other folks running into this?

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What I’d like to do is turn off scroll-to-zoom on the map here, like we do on some other pages. I generally don’t find myself needing to zoom on the map here much, but I’m often looking for the parent taxa of the suggested taxon.

Thank you. I’ve kind of gotten good at skirting by the map zoom. But at times I’d just click the little link symbol to open the taxon in another tab and not have to deal with the zooming map. I wish I could vote twice for this.


That would be amazing! It’s really inconvenient to have to scroll around the edges of the map. Otherwise maybe the taxonomy section could be placed above the map


[raises hand]

I run into that as well, and it can be kind of annoying.


I personally like the quick and easy zoom in the map and would miss it if it ever get turned off. As I am often IDing worldwide I often use to zoom out function actually to get an idea of where the current observation was taken in the world or a certain country


I think the @tiwane is proposing disabling scroll-to-zoom just on the Suggestions tab, when you have selected a particular taxon for more info (see his screenshot). I believe scroll-to-zoom would still be enabled for the maps in other instances, such as on the Info tab, or on the multiple small maps on the Suggestions tab before you select a particular taxon.


Ok, I see… I actually never used that tab, so I probably wouldn’t miss scroll-zoom there

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Correct, I wasn’t proposing a change to this screen, just to the single-taxon screen.


As Tony mentioned, one thing that screen is really useful for is to see the parents of a suggested taxon. Maybe CV is suggesting several similar-looking organisms and you’d like to find a common parent that you can be sufficiently confident to select as an ID. Quickly reviewing the taxonomic hierarchy is a great way to do that. But first, you’ve got to fight with the map zoom!