Android App crashes after submitting

Platform Android 9 (Motorola E6 Plus)

App version number, 1.19.8 (430)

Browser, N/A


Screenshots of what you are seeing N/A

Description of problem

Now every time I submit the operating system brings up a message saying the app isn’t responding and closes it (a dialog comes up with 3 options including “wait” but this only lasts about half a second). This happens every time (although I think once yesterday it stayed on).

I assume it has something to do with the number of observations I have. It crashes if I have mobile data on or off. I have it set to upload observations manually (i.e. saves them until I get home).

The crash occurs presumably because of a time-out as it takes about 20 seconds (yes, an annoyingly long time) from when I hit submit tick to when the “home” screen of observations comes back.

Just now it crashed after I edited an observation with 5 photos (2 were somehow duplicated, presumably a sync issue) - I deleted the 2 dupes and saves the obs and it stopped responding when returning to the home/list page.

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It happens to me too, but I’d assumed it was because my phone is low on free storage space

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I just tried it with direct uploads and it crashed too

Internal storage for me is 14GB used of 32GB.Just deleted 660 photos (taken using the app) and freed 4GB and the app wouldn’t even start (sometimes just white screen, sometimes it got to trying to sync obs but crashed every time).

The fix: uninstall and reinstall!!! Added an obs and it returned within half a second. There is obviously some really bad file handling happening.


I’ll try that, but I have to clear out some space first. Otherwise I suspect it won’t let me reinstall.