Attempting to upload observations crashes IOS app

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): IOS

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 3.2.8

Screenshots of what you are seeing (instructions for taking a screenshot on computers and mobile devices:

Description of problem: The IOS app crashes when attempting to upload observations, preventing any from being added.

Step 1: Fill out an observation and click “Share.”

Step 2: The app will queue the observation as shown above, then forcefully close itself about a second later at it attempts to automatically sync the observation.

Step 3: Re-opening the app will show the observation still queued, but clicking either “upload” button will cause it to crash once again.

Notes: Deleting and editing the queued the observation is still possible without issue. It crashes regardless of the photo, location, and species selected. It crashes regardless of whether the phone was connected to wifi or data. It continued crashing after the phone was restarted. It continued crashing after the app was deleted and then re-installed.

I was not having this problem yesterday afternoon, and I updated to 3.2.8 last night, so I suspect this issue may have been introduced in this version.

In this state, it currently does not seem possible to upload observations on the IOS app. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

Does your phone have plenty of available space? I have very little and an update can sometimes take up more space which causes my app to crash when uploading, usually no more than a couple times a month though.

My storage space is a little low, but it reports still having enough available from settings. Does this tend to sort itself out on it’s own for you, or is there something specific with the storage I should try fiddling with?

Thank you so much!

I wish I could help more, but I think my problem is very unique to my phone and its personal struggles with storage, lol. I hope you can get back to uploading soon! best of luck

I am currently experiencing the exact same issue. The iNat app on my iphone crashes immediately when trying to upload an observation. This issue just began a day or so ago. Deleting and reinstalling the app did not work, nor did restarting the phone or logging out of iNat. Hopefully someone has an answer as I can no longer upload from my phone and am currently having to do a time consuming work around through my laptop.

This has started happening to me today too on my Android tablet app. I’ve deleted the cache and uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. It seems to work ok from my Android phone, which is newer.

I don’t have an answer to this, but it may help to post the iOS/Android OS version that you are using as well as the device type (like iPhone 11, whatever).

This is a bug in the current release, sorry that it’s affecting you. We have what we believe is a fix in queue with Apple and taht update should be released soon.


Currently experiencing the same issue.

We have what we believe is a fix in the current beta release of the app. The crash didn’t affect me at all so I can’t really test to see if the fix works. If anyone affected by the crash is able to join the beta testing program, download the beta version, and test it out, that would be great. Make sure you have photo backups of the observations that haven’t uploaded, just in case somethign goes wrong, but I don’t think this fix will cause you to lose any unsynced observations.

Here are instructions for how to be a beta tester for iNat: Let me know if you have any issues.

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We started releasing this fix to the App Store but we’re doing it slowly so it won’t show up for everyone for another day or two. If anyone does see an update, please let us know if this fixes the crash.


The update is now available to everyone, so this should be fixed. If anyone who was experiencing the problem can report and let us know if it’s working after the update, that would be great.


Updated the app just now, and can confirm that for me, at least, it does seem to now be working! Old photos stuck in limbo submitted without issue, as did new ones! Thank you so much! :]


Thanks! Got a report from someone else via email that it’s working for them as well.

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