Android app freezing & crashing phone

Platform : Android version 10

App version number: 1.28.6 (559)

Screenshots of what you are seeing: n/a

Description of problem:
While loading an individual observation after going through search, the observation page won’t load and gets stuck on the loading screen, like the preview where it doesn’t load the actual image, but there’s placeholders etc… It won’t load, and the app becomes unresponsive, as does my phone (both screen & power buttons etc; it turns black after a few minutes and gets bricked for about an hour). It doesn’t resolve until the phone reboots later.

This has happened about 3 separate times, always when going through the explore function and trying to load something new. Memory usage looks fine, and none of my other apps that are higher usage have done this, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the phone itself; it only shows app crash in the issue history.


beta version? if so, maybe the kind of suggestion here may help:

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Solidarity! I also can’t use iNat on my phone. But for me it’s more the homepage, it seems to crash while generating my number of observations and species count and all that.


For me app crashes when trying to upload anything, it freezes right after upload starts if you try to do something else on the app, opening it again and not touching anything until observation is uploaded is the only working way. It didn’t do that before, every other app is closed and memory is cleared, app is the latest version according to appstore.


Our crash logs record crashes by device model - can you please share your device models here or at

FWIW I’m not seeing any issues when loading observations from the Explore screen on my Samsung GalaxyS10e running Android 11.

Can you share URLs of specific observations? Sometimes having that info is useful.

For all:

After it crashes, can you please send some log files to To send log files, go to the About tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.


The very same thing have happened to me. The only difference is that now the app is in the version 1.28.10 and my phone takes about 15 minutes to reboot.


Did you send logfiles?

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