Android app: offline species list ( to add ID's offline)

If I want to use the Android app I can only add species names when the app is connected with the internet. I would like to have a preconfigured species list per country so I do not need an internetconnection when I use the app.

Start e.g. with a plant list for Belarus…

Checklists for testing can be found as part of a country:
Other Check Lists for Netherlands and choose for ‘’ Andere Checklists voor Nederland ‘’
or for

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Don’t know why a topic was split off but that topic is worth reading… I think that post is about to ID an organism offline. My topic is about being offline and still finding the correct spelling of a species name in an offline checklist in your (Android) app.

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Android app: offline species list to add observations offline

Alternative way is to populate the checklist with all the species in your lifelist. Disavantage if you travel to a remote area abroad you’ve never been before you will have no correct species to choose from.

This won’t be added to the current app, and likely not to the upcoming mobile app, so I’m going to close it. It would require a lot of extra design and coding.