Get checklist for a location through the API?

Hi everyone!
Is there a way to get a checklist of the species that are known to exist near a location through the API? Thank you!

i think the closest you can get is!/Observations/get_observations_species_counts, which is roughly equivalent to what you would get back from the species section of the Explore page.


Ok I’ll give that a shot, and let you know if I find the solution, thank you!

just out of curiosity… what are you attempting to do with the checklists? there might be other ways to get this information, depending on what you’re trying to do…

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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! observations_species_counts works like a charm.

I’m trying to add a function to an existing educational app I made to get “checklists” of organisms that have been previously reported in the area. This works!
The only problem is that the API returns the taxa name (common name) in English… do you know if there’s a way to translate them to other languages? say Spanish?
Thank you @pisum

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i haven’t tried with this particular endpoint, but in general, you can use the locale or preferred_place_id parameters to return a location-specific preferred_common_name, i think.

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Yessss!!! Thank you!!! Now it works perfectly!!! :clap::clap::clap:

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if you publish your work somewhere, you might consider sharing it with the organizers of the City Nature Challenge. it might help them with part of their process, as detailed here:

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