Show lists in Android app

I’d like to see in the Android app the taxa lists that I have made.
The use case: Before going to a certain place, I write a list of species I know/guess that I should find there, because otherwise when I get there I have already forgotten most of those and what they look like. From the phone app it would be easy to check the list and some photos. The web interface is too difficult to use with small touch screen.

Don’t the “Missions” already do that?

In that case is there somewhere instructions on how to use it that way? By default it just shows me very common species that others have identified in a very large region, not considering if I’m on shore, cliffs, or swamp. Neither it shows me species that have not been previously identified in the area using iNat.

Ah, ok. I think it just shows a list of what’s been observed in the area, so it’s not going to show rare things or take terrain into account.

And my point is not about rare species, but places where very few have previously used iNat. I’m just trying to fill the voids :)

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I meant rare as in “rarely observed”.
But it’s moot anyway, because I made my suggestion re: using missions because I didn’t know your use case had some additional criterion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually the “Missions” user interface looks nice. I hope it just would show my lists as well.

I have made some lists too and was also thinking about integrating them in the mobile apps. If you want to enter a taxon in the app you need a data connection and I would like to have an implementation that does not need that. It would be nice if you can choose at home a location and that the app downloads all the checklists from that location so that arrived on your destination you do not need a data connection at all.

Andere Checklists voor Nederland

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We won’t be including Lists in our mobile apps, so I’m going to close this request.