Android app seems to be unnecessarily reloading information on observation page after rotating the phone

(I don’t know if this is a bug or something else. so I’m just classifying this as General for now.)

Here are a few things that seem into indicate to me that the page is reloading information after the orientation of the phone is changed:

  1. If you pull up an observation with more than one photo, then swipe to the second photo, and then rotate your phone, you’ll notice that the page shifts back to the first photo.
  2. If you pull up an observation with sound and start playing the sound, then rotate the phone while the sound is playing, you’ll notice that the sound stops playing. similarly, if you play the sound, pause it in the middle, and then rotate the phone, you’ll notice the place in the clip is lost (goes back to the beginning), and the clip appears to no longer be paused.
  3. If you open the identifications and comments for the observation, then rotate the phone, i see a little progress indicator appear in the space where the identifications and comments would be displayed, before the identifications and comments are displayed. i think that means that these are being loaded from scratch each time the phone is rotated.
  4. When you do any of the above, the little bird indicator in the Android notification pops up for a moment.

If the page is reloading stuff after changing orientation, that seems to be inefficient. I think it would be better to just reorient things on the the page, without reloading information, if possible.

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