Selecting Observation in Explore on Android App Opens Previous Observation Data

This report is for the Android App. When I open an observation from the Explore feature, it opens some of the data from the previous observation, and some from the new. Usually, it keeps the picture from the previous and most or all of the metadata of the new.

I thought it was a bug limited to my specific phone, so I didn’t say anything. I’ve experienced the bug for over a year, and recently got a new phone, and the bug persists. I can give more details (OS, version, etc.) if needed, but since it happens across phones it seems like more of a general error.

I’d be curious if anyone else experiences this, and if we can find the root cause. It seems like it isn’t validating the data when updating from one observation to the next.

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Weird. Are you seeing this even if you don’t do anything when viewing the previous observation, or does this only happen if you’ve added a comment or ID to the previous observation and then quickly move to another observation?

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I often have this issue. It usually occurs if I close an observation before it loads properly, and then open another one. It seems like the initial load operation isn’t canceled when I close the first observation.

Another similar issue I have is that if I use the Explore feature, and change the filter before the first set of results loads, it reloads the previous result set, not the updated one. This sometimes occurs even if the first screen of updated results load correctly - subsequent “pages” of results come from the old result set.

I think you hit it, @kueda. I don’t recall the issue happening when I don’t do anything in the previous observation, probably only when I have interacted with it (commenting, IDing, agreeing). It’s like the app is still thinking about the previous observation when I select the next one, and gets confused when it tries to populate the fields.

I have also experienced the issue @mtank describes above, where sets of observations in the Explore grid view will show up more than once.

As an addendum, I should add that I’m only bringing this up because it significantly reduces my productivity on the app, by about half. I love the app, because I can often take a spare minute to make a handful of IDs.