Updating an observation in the Android app causes it to split into two observations (one has photos, another has all the info)

This is what happened to me multiple times. I update an observation with my phone (add more photos, add additional details or add an identification) and poof - the observation splits into two. The one that shows up on my phone has all of the information except the photos. The other, that could only be found on the computer, only has the photos and nothing else. It’s very annoying when I have to manually download all of the photos from one observation to add them to the other one.
As far as I can tell this glitch is totally random and any action can trigger it. I’m afraid to lose the observations so I update them as rarely as possible to not cause this glitch.

We’ve definitely had reports similar to this, but they usually involve updating photos over a spotty Internet connection. Couple questions:

  1. Are you using the Android app or the iPhone app?
  2. What version of the iNat mobile app?
  3. What kind of device and what operating system version are you using?
  4. Do you have auto-upload turned on?
  5. Does this happen for any observation or only observations that were created in the mobile app (or only ones that were created on the website)?
  6. Does it really happen with any update to an observation, or only adding / removing photos? If any, does that mean you can change the description (“Notes” in the Android app) of any of your observations in the mobile app and it will split it when you upload?
  1. Android
  2. 1.11.24 (348)
  3. Samsung s6
  4. Auto upload on
  5. Happens to mobile uploads (don’t know if happens with PC uploads)
  6. To me it happened at least twice. Once when I uploaded description and today when I added an identification (not even through editing)

So it doesn’t happen every time, just sometimes? If only sometimes, is there any pattern in the state of your Internet connection, e.g. does it tend to happen when you’re on a weak cellular connection?

I can’t see a pattern. Sorry. The last time it happened I had a decent internet connection, so probably not that.

Dang, I was hoping you had consistent repro conditions. If not, I think this is a duplicate of https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/android-app-double-posting/2861/23 so I’m going to close this. If you do find some good repro conditions, please post in that thread.