Android update affecting Camera Zoom

Installing version 2.4.1 resulted in a very hard to handle zoom function. While not working that well in older versions, at least the magnification went relatively smooth - but now when pinching the screen it first doesn’t react and then jumps to a zoom level beyond a resolution to be used well.
An older bug, that I didn’t report but may now add, is that when lifting the fingers after zooming, a new focus point is set where the last contact with a finger was. So when zooming in, the focus point is usually moved away from the center to the side of the screen.

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Which phone are you using, and which version of Android is it running?

Redmi Note 7 with Android 9

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Thanks, we’ll look into it, but because there are so many different Android devices with different cameras and software, it’s hard to make a custom camera that works well across all Android devices. For what it’s worth, zoom works pretty well on my ancient Nexus 5 running Android 8.1, which seems odd to me.

I had an older version of Seek on another phone (Moto G3, Android 6).
Zoom function was fine, but when updating Seek I get now this: