Tap to focus does not work on Seek (Android)

I am generally not a user of the Seek app, but still want to contribute to provide improvements - so everytime I see an updated version is available, I am doing some test rounds.
What I estimate as the most important ‘area under construction’ is the camera, as it seems to be difficult to implement features that work well with Android.
While the tap-to-focus feature is finally a thing, and now also with a frame appearing around the area to focus on, I have to say that it just does not work. I even feel that the app was more useful when the focussing was automated: While in the past I was able to get at least decent shots of bugs, now it wont even focus on a (not so small) butterfly on a butterfly bush. I can tell the camera where to focus, but all it is interested in seems to be getting the background into focus.

Feature request
I wonder if it is possible to implement a ‘locked focus’ feature, that you can pre-focus on a larger object and then move the mobile phone in the appropriate distance of the target object.

I also wonder if other Android users experience this as well - I am astonished that nothing has been reported here so far, and there must be at least some users having started the ‘grassland challenge’?

You should think that there is no integration between Seek and this forum. Users of seek cannot find this forum or the app is hardly used. I have to agree I do the same as you: install the app to test the translations. And because the translations are not always updated with every release I lost interest in testing the app and its translations…