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I just switched my device from Android to iOS and what I found out is that Android version is more convinient especially while doing an identification (I’ve only used Android version and web version back and forth ever since I joined iNaturalist).
Is it just my feeling cause I try something really different that I usually do or anyone experiences the same?


The iOS version was recently rewritten basically from scratch, so it is still missing features that the Android app has. It will be brought up to par with the Android version over time.


My android version is 2.12.9 (199) so I have no menu choices for Auto Sync. What can I do to update?

Hi @joseph_judy ,

I’m one of the iOS developers here and yep, the iOS app is behind the Android version in terms of features. My big priority for this year is to get us all caught up, after doing a bunch of under-the-hood work over the last year that @trh_blue mentioned.

If you could be specific about what you miss the most from Android, that would help me prioritize what features to work on first.



@alex there is 3 main features that I wish I could get the same experience when I’m using iOS version. First, grouping organisms in search based on class like autocorrection before typing. Second, seperating ‘search’ into 2 parts; organisms and locations so I do not have to type in the same place. And the last but not least, in ‘activity’ there is no notification when I’ve made an identification to someone’s observation.



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