Annotations and Annotation values dissappearing

Platform Android app

App version number, if a mobile app issue (I Can’t find it)

Description of problem On my iNat app I’ve had annotation values disappear frequently. closing then reopening the app doesn’t always work. Several times I’ve had all the annotations except “sex” disappear. I’ve only had the annotations completely dissappear a few times but I think that was because of my internet lagging, not the app itself. This also seems to happen randomly. I can still add missing annotations on my laptop, and I’ve never had this glitch happen to me anywhere but the android app.

Glitch image 2

Glitch image 4

Glitch image 5

Glitch image 6

To replicate the issue:
Like I said, it happens randomly, so there isn’t a way to make the replicate the glitch perfectly.

Step 1: Go to the iNat android app

Step 2: Select random observations and go down to their annotations

Step 3: Just click them and see if all the values are still there or not

probably the same as

i see there has been some code checked in recently to address this, but i’m not sure what the deployment schedule for these changes are.

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Yeah they’ve got the same exact problem I have.

Closing this topic to focus at the existing bug report