Invisible annotations

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I was filtering gall annotated observations and sometimes I’ll find a fungus that was annotated as gall but I can’t see any annotation when visiting the observation or at identify page

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You can see that it has (1) annotation but it says “No relevant annotation” or English equivalent.

Sometimes i could fix this by adding a disagreeing ID forcing a taxon change at the page and making the annotation appear. But in some cases, such as the example above, there is already many RG IDs and I can’t do that.

Huh, I wonder if there is/was a change in the availability of the gall annotation for Fungi that might be causing this. Some fungi do form galls for sure. But not all annotations are available for all taxa on iNat, so if there’s some mismatch, that might be the issue.

I did add fungus taxon exceptions for Gall a little while after we released that value, so I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on here. The observation had been annotated as a gall, then I made an exception for that taxon. The database still keeps the annotation value (in case the ID gets changed back to one which works with the annotation), it’s just not displayed on the observation any longer. We should make sure it’s not showing up in search results either.

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