Audio clip from Live Photo - iPhone

I have an audio clip associated with a ‘Live photo’ of a singing cricket. Does anyone know a reliable way to make an observation from that format?

One silly idea is to put the file on my computer and use the iNat app to record the sound.

From what I read live photo is actually stored as two files and with one being .mov there should be a way to find it in your storage to use.
It’s saying that using export on mac will result with separate files, is there a similar option on iPhone?

I just now took a .mov file from Apple Photos and opened it in QuickTimePlayer and exported “audio only” which was a .m4a file that iNaturalist will take. If you also use the photo in the observation, that will show the time and place and make a nice cover for the audio file. Hope that works!

I’ll try this, thanks!

Update: it worked

Thanks @marina_gorbunova and @janetwright

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