Anyone attending Ecological Society of America meeting in Salt Lake City in August?

The last time I attended the Ecological Society of America annual meeting (in 2018 in New Orleans), I organized a meet up at a local bar/restaurant for iNaturalist enthusiasts. Anyone else planning to attend ESA (or local to Salt Lake City) and want to help plan a gathering near the convention center on August 5, 6, or 7? Someone who knows suitable local venues is a huge help.

To be listed formally in the conference program we should make a plan by March 12.


I live in Salt Lake City and have been here for about 35 years - Professor Emeritus at University of Utah.
I have an interest in helping out where I can with supporting iNaturalist group/gathering. I am not a member of ESA, but could be helpful with local intel and local venues - if and as needed.
Scott Wright (“hawksthree”) - I joined iNaturalist - last August 2019.
Keep me informed and you (and others) can contact me via messaging here in iNatForum or at my profile site here…hawksthree {Scott Wright}


I was there for the New Orleans Mixer – a cool gathering! It was a great way to meet folks passionate about iNaturalist other than through the unofficial Discord or local meetups/bioblitz events. I’m on the Front Range of Colorado and I might make it out there but only for a weekend on personal expenses. Please plan it, though! It means a lot to have iNaturalist represented on the official schedule, if not just for exposure.


I’ll be there and would love to take part! I let my membership lapse and don’t live nearby, but am happy to help if I can.


Thanks, everyone! I’ll be in touch directly sometime next week. In the meantime, if anyone else wants to be involved (local or ESA attendees), please continue to leave comments/ideas.

I think we should aim for Wednesday evening (6:30 – 8:00 PM) but it would be good if we didn’t conflict with the Natural History section mixer so I want to inquire with them about their anticipated timing.

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Carrie, thanks for organizing this again! We had a fun time in New Orleans.

I’m planning on attending the conference again this summer, so you can add me to the list!

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I’d love to come! I’ll be there (and presenting some of my iNaturalist-enabled research!)


I’ll be there @carrieseltzer—let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

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Quick update: today is the ESA event deadline so I submitted a request for Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening, with a preference for Wednesday but a request to not conflict with the Natural History Section Mixer (which has been on Wednesday for at least the last couple of years). The advantage of submitting a formal event is that it will be searchable in the program.

I’m not sure when they’ll schedule it, but we have until May 7 (at the very latest) to find a suitable venue. Sounds like @hawksthree is best positioned as a local to help with the venue choice. I’ll start a private thread with hawksthree and @kcopas and anyone else who specifically wants to be part of the venue discussion/decision. My experience with event planning is that finding the right venue is at least half of it!

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