Anyone use OM Systems OM-1 for nature photography?

Probably not worth the money to switch camera systems, but I’m really intrigued by OM Systems’s new 90mm 2:1 macro lens and I’m tired of Nikon not announcing non-Z9 mirrorless bodies with better AF. Also, a smaller system intrigues me. Curious if anyone here uses the OM-1 for wildlife and/or macro photography, and what you think of it? Bonus if you have experience shooting video with it as I’d probably use it to for iNat videos as well.


I don’t have the OM-1, but I’ve used an Olympus EM-5 II and EM-5 III for most of my iNat pictures for the past 7 years (although some phone pictures are starting to creep in). Those are one model down from and older than the OM-1. The main lens I use for plants is the Olympus 60mm macro. I feel that this is pretty close to what you are looking at. I am very pleased with this equipment and highly recommend it. I have only limited experience with the video, but it seems to work OK.

I use the same Olympus cameras fitted with a Panasonic Leica 100-400mm zoom for birds and other subjects that are not approachable.


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