Apantesis Complex Assignment

Is it possible to create a subpage dealing with the genus Apantesis which contains a suite of similar species VERY common and often misdiagnosed by photograph - ex. Apantesis carlotta-nais-phalerata-vittata as a complex? A similar strategy is employed at BugGuide.

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Hi @dull2shinetoo, these discussions are best held on flag space on iNaturalist.org itself. To flag a taxon, go to the taxon page (like for the genus), then click Curation and Flag for Curation on the right side of the page under the graph. I started this one here: https://www.inaturalist.org/flags/560177


Thank you for this helpful insight! I have added my comment to the thread, but now understand the process better. There is much to learn about navigating the iNat platform, and I truly appreciate the assistance!


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