App Crashes when IDing Lupines

Whenever I upload a picture of a lupine’s bloom and click to ID the picture on the iNat app, it crashes. After restarting, it attempts to upload the observation without a time stamp or location. This seems to be a specific problem with lupines of different species.

Which version of the app are you using? Can you please share a screenshot of what you see before the app crashes? Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot on several types of devices:

I was able to replicate this so I’ll let our Android developer know.

OK, so it looks like a person or persons added a lot of photos to each species in Lupinus. (30+ for each species). This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when computer vision tried to load those all photos for the photo browser in the app, it crashed the app. Ken-ichi removed some of those photos from the taxon pages so Lupinus should work now (it works on my phone).

So that’s the short-term fix. Longer term fix will be reducing the amount of information being downloaded to the app to prevent situations like this.