App Crashing when opening Explore

Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Verizon)
OS: Android 9
App Version: 1.18.8 (current beta, though issue existed in current release prompting the switch to Beta)

Order of events:

  • Experienced a crash attempting to load an observation from my own list of observations
  • Uninstalled the iNaturalist app and removed all associated data/cache
  • Reinstalled the iNaturalist app
  • Realized “I forgot my password” (may not have ever existed)
  • Completed password recovery process resulting in automatic sign-in within the Chrome Browser
  • Newly created password failed within iNaturalist app
  • Remembered the account was initially created by logging in via Google Account
  • Successfully signed in to iNaturalist app with Google Account
  • Attempting to open the explore menu caused the app to crash
  • Uninstalled iNaturalist app, removed all data/cache
  • Rebooted phone
  • Signed into iNaturalist website via Chrome with Google Account, received notification of error that account was already linked (sign-in still successful)
  • Unlinked & relinked Google Account without error
  • Reinstalled iNaturalist app (Beta) and successfully signed in with Google Account
  • Explore menu still results in immediate crash of the iNaturalist app

Whew. It’s a lot but hopefully the above is as concise as possible while still being complete.


This is being discussed on another bug report, so I’m going to close this topic to keep the discussion focused on one thread.

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