App freezing: IDs, taking photos, etc

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Step 1: iOS

Step 2: version 3.0.1

Step 3:

Hi @vernal3 and thanks for the report!

You seem to be missing a few details that will make it much easier for us to determine what the problem is, or how to solve it.

Can you please add images or relevant links which describe where and how the errors occurred?


I don’t really know how to send you what you’re asking. Basically, I open the app from my iPhone (not through Google, etc) and if I try to do anything like make an ID, edit my photos or notes, it will freeze. Just closes down & I’m looking at my iPhone page (terminology?). Also, changes I tried hard (because of glitches) to make - deleting a photo kept kept undoing itself. Then I discovered for that observation, it had duplicated each photo. Really weird stuff. Today, I couldn’t even take a photo. It freezes me out of the app. When the trouble began 2 days ago, the formatting for taking a photo & choosing a Project were a bit different so I thought you folks had done an upgrade w/o my knowing. But then the glitches start. Getting worse. Basically can’t use it. Not reliably.

If there is any info I can give you besides this that will help, please let me know, maybe walk me through it. But sending you a photo of my phone doesn’t seem productive?

Lee (vernal3)

Thanks! That description does help. Do these errors happen every time, or just some of the time? And are you using a strong/stable Internet connection?
I’m sure there’s additional helpful info, but I’m not a developer or a coder, just a volunteer moderator :)
Someone who can actually do something about this will check your post, I’m just trying to save them a little time.

I’m having the same problem as @vernal3. Every step I attempt freezes. Every time. With a stable internet connection. It all started after it spun on “updating the database” for a few hours.

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Gotcha. Well, the formatting change (e.g., icon appearance) to photo taking and a slight change to Projects started 2 afternoons ago (EST). Same day: difficulty deleting photo & a weird duplication of accompanying photos in that same observation. Yesterday: photo (tho deleted from my Photo library) reappeared like an unwanted ghost). I was able to take a couple of observations (photos), including a few last night, and did some notes, GPS, & Projects (tho I don’t know if they are still there). Today, I can’t even take a photo. Tho if I try now, who knows?

But it has definitely been getting noticeably worse both in % of glitch times & in array of problems (like not being able to even take a pic this morning before it crashes). Actually good point: most of the time it has frozen - so I open it up, go to an observation, can’t do anything, then I’m back to looking at my phone. Lately, it won’t even get that far. I checked my phone battery - good. WiFi here is generally excellent (we have broadband) but folks have experienced slowness, etc perhaps due to increase use by kids & work-at-homes. My other apps have no problem with internet. (When glitches first started I restarted phone to see if that would help. Nada.)

Lee (vernal3)

Hi Lee,

Which device do you have, and which version of iOS is it running?

I suspect you’ll have to delete and then reinstall the app, there are a few bugs in version 3.0.1 that can cause issues when you update the app on your device and a clean install should clear that.

I use my iPhone, iOS version 13.7 in the field but will sometimes work on my iPad with the data. They are synced.

Yeah, I saw other folks talk about how reinstalling helped. But I don’t know how to do that and really don’t want to lose all my data. (I am no techie!). You to talk me thru? I am on my iPad now.


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Hi Lee,

Deleting the app only deletes “unsynced” data, meaning any observations, IDs, etc. that you made in the app that haven’t been uploaded to iNaturalist’s servers. Everything you see here on your profile (observaitons, IDs, etc) is safe: It’s all on our servers. I delete the app all the time from my devices because I have to test out new versions, etc. and data loss has never been an issue.

This page has directions for deleting apps and redownloading them from the App Store:

Thanks. I’ll got to the link & check it out. I figured my data was backed up with you folks, but wanted to make sure. Lots of cool observations and hours.


PS Will let you know how it goes :crossed_fingers:t4:

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Just checked it out. Do you have a link for deleting from my iPhone since I’m working off my iPad? Or is it the same?


They’re the same.

I delete apps from my iPhone a bit. Sounds like same process. So since they are synced, do I only have to delete app from one device or do both?


This morning it tried to open and was hung up for a long time and crashed. Now it will open, but is freezing and crashing randomly. Seems to freeze and crash most often when returning back to my list of observations or refreshing the observations list and/or activity feed.

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I am having the same problem as above ^^^, on IOS. First open after update, was loading and then crashed. Now frequently crashing when I change screens or refresh observations. Tried deleting and redownloading. Found this thread and thought I’d contribute instead of making my own thread…

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Just one device. The apps don’t sync withe each other, they both sync separately to iNaturalist’s servers.

Version 3.0.2 was released today, with some more bug fixes, so it might be worth updating via the App Store and seeing if that helps any. I do apologize for the issues you all are encountering.