Heavy Crashing on iOS after recent update

My phone (iOS) recently updated to the most recent version of the inaturalist app and I’m seeing a wealth of issues. Essentially at virtually any point (usually right away) the app will either freeze and then crash, or it will crash in the middle of doing something. When frozen you can do nothing at all in the app. I’ve had this problem occur: directly after opening the app, when clicking on any button in the app, when selecting the camera roll option, when attempting to select photos, while uploading an observation, while editing an observation, and when adding photos to an already uploaded observation. It took me much longer than usual to do anything I normally would be able to do on the app due to these issues.

In the meantime is there any way to revert to a previous version of the app?

There are multiple bug reports for the recent iOS versions, so I’m going to close this one. Right now the recommended course of action is to delete the app and reinstall it. If that doesn’t work, please add to one of those reports:


Also, please provide the information we ask for in the Bug Report template. If you don’t provide it then, we’ll probably just ask you for it later and it slows down the bug investigation process. Specific details like version number, device, OS version, etc, are very important when investigating bugs.

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