My camera is doing something odd

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the camera freezes every time i try to take a picture, and when i select “return to camera” it freezes on the previous picture and won’t let me take a new one unless i go to home and manually reset it.
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Strongly advise to take your cell phone photos using a dedicated camera app, rather than the iNat app. You can later select them from within the app or use the web uploader.


Hi @ronifish, welcome to the iNat Forum! Can you share additional information about your device iOS version and the iNat app version? You can find the app version under “Me”, then settings (gear icon), then scroll to the bottom.

Screenshots can also be helpful when troubleshooting issues. I’m using the iNat app version 3.2.1 on iOS 14.7.1 and don’t see any text that says “Return to camera” when taking photos with the app, but my workflow may be different than yours, or maybe it is device dependent? Thanks!

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I suspect you’re using Seek by iNaturalist, is that correct? If so, I can replicate this issue.

We’ll have a fix out in a beta soon.

EDIT - fix out in beta, looking good.