App not using date and time from photo metadata

Platform - iOS

App version number - 3.2.5, build 658, iOS 15.4.1

Screenshots of what you are seeing -

Description of problem - When I upload a photo from my phones photo library the app extracts the location from the metadata but it does not extract the date and time stamp and I have to add this manually. How do I get it to use the date and time from the metadata?

The steps I use are Observe > Photo Library > then I select a photo.

Thank you

Wow, I haven’t seen this. If you go to the photo in your phone’s Photos app, then swipe up, can you please send a screenshot? Should look something like this:

Are you using iCloud Photos to backup your photos?

I back up my photos on iCloud (I assume that is the same as ‘iCloud Photos’?)

I seem to be encountering this issue when I try to upload either screenshots or photos saved by another app (ex. Discord). However it seems to work just fine with photos from my phone camera.

@robert_taylor - so does this seem to affect all of your photos?

@zakronia - are you certain the photos have date/time/location data? Many apps strip that from photos.

I’m certain that they have time and date data (but no location) However, I discovered that this only occurs for screenshots/saved photos between certain date ranges so it could be a settings-based issue. I just changed some date/time settings on my phone earlier today, and now new screenshots that I take work fine, but previous ones do not.

Yes it affects all my photos. In had only tried with photos taken on my iphone, but now I have just tried with my olympus camera connected wirelessly to my phone and those also don’t work. It works fine if I go ‘Observe’ > ‘Camera’ > and then take a picture.

I have uninstalled iNat and reinstalled it and it still does the same thing with photos from my photo library.

Hi, this is still a problem. Do you have any suggestions?

I was able to replicate with a photo I downloaded from Discord. That’s almost certainly becuase Discord strips metadata from photos. Not much we can do about that, the data isn’t really there or isn’t readable.

I’ve found that importing photos using a camera company’s app often does weird things to the photos’ metadata and there’s not much we can do about that. For photos taken with a dedicated camera, it’s best to use the web uploader with a laptop or desktop computer.

Looking at the sphingid photo (great sho, btw), I see that the photo is a live photo and that its in HEIF format. I tried replicating that on my device and the app imported it fine, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

@robert_taylor Can you make a screen recording of you making an observation from an existing photo taken with your device’s Camera app and send it to Here are instructions for recording your screen: