Extract time and location, creating an observation, from photo

When I upload a photo from my iPhone via iNaturalist I expect the location and time to be extracted from the photo, as I believe IOS does geotag the photo.

However these remain empty. I have IOS location services enabled. Using other software I can see where these pictures are taken.

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@borewit, I can’t see what’s wrong, but you’re correct that the metadata should go from your camera to the iNaturalist app. Maybe check specifically the settings you have for the iNat app, not just location services in general? On my iPhone 12 with the iNat app 3.2.1, I have Location set to “While using,” Photos set to “Add Photos Only,” Camera set to “on.” With these settings the data transfer occurs.


Hi @borewit, welcome to the forum! Can you fill out the other questions in the bug report template? Thanks!