Map does not show all points for a species


Using this query:

There are 7 observations, but only six of them are plotted. The missing one is this one:

When I hover my mouse over it on the right, it shows the position, but there is no marker there. Could this have something to do with the 146 m accuracy of the observation?

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No, but it does look like a bug.

With one vote “down” and one vote “up” to location is accurate, it gets removed from the map. But if there are equal numbers of yes/no votes, it should appear on the map.

If I additionally vote location is accurate, it now shows up on the map.
(you may have to zoom in/out since the map doesn’t update immediately)

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i bet it does have something to do with the accuracy of that observation. it overlaps the southeast-most observation. if you zoom in, the “missing” observation will show up on the zoomed map. so at the unzoomed level, the map might be simplifying the view by grouping the 2 observations together.

you could test by creating a new dummy observation of this species at the location of the “missing” observation. try it with a large (in)accuracy circle and then again with a small one, and see what happens.

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interestingly, when i look at it this morning, it looks like i see the “missing” observation mapped at whatever zoom level i view things at. so maybe there’s something else going on here. might be similar to something else i noted a couple of weeks back:


I was able to replicate and filed a bug report here:

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