Appropriate HTML editor / software to design journal pages


Am currently using a combination of a wiki style journal and some amount of manual editing to design the journal pages

Was wondering what do other people do ?

Do you use an html editor or something else ?

I would like one in which I can design tables as well.

My OS is Linux Mint

Look forward to your advice


I prefer to use Markdown, but I also don’t post many journals outside of events.

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will check, thank you

As @trh_blue mentions, the journals also accept Markdown syntax, similar to comments on the forum. It’s easier and simpler than HTML & takes only ~60 seconds to learn.

A great tool for writing Markdown documents is Obsidian. It’s free for personal use. If you want something lightweight, StackEdit is an in-browser MD editor & viewer.

For tables, use a spreadsheet program, then paste a selection from your spreadsheet in this Markdown Tables Generator to convert into Markdown code, which can be pasted back into your document or journal. Here’s an example of a journal note I wrote to help me quickly explore photos of local moth species that I made using the same process.


oh wow , thank you very much :-)

this is pretty much what i was looking for - wow
@murphyslab Thank you :-)

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@murphyslab using the tools you provided I managed to insert some pretty long tables :-) and they look good (some needs some tweaking but it worked well and the limitations are mine)

This is the journal page Monsoon Beauty Awards and Recognition Update

Thank you once again.

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Nice work! Those are indeed some pretty long tables.

I just checked out the Monsoon Beauty project… some really stunning photos in there. :+1:

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Thank you :-)

The tables really worked well

We have not been able to cope with the influx of observations so will be “going through them” over the next few weeks and try and show cases some of the better ones. What is amazing is how good the contributions are from people who only use mobile phones

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