Solution for offline Journal Formatting (for Linux atleast)

This is a follow up of this earlier forum query Appropriate HTML editor / software to design journal pages

I, finally, found a combination of two software that work offline and enable me to easily format journal posts including inserting images.

Markdown editors on Linux Mint (that I use)

  1. Ghostwriter for the bulk of the editing - it has dual window system so changes are viewable as they happen. The only thing it cannot do is a copy paste from a spreadsheet.
  2. For inserting spreadsheets I use a second software called Marker, available on Linux Mint repos as a GTK software. In this I can copy and paste spreadsheets - and this retains the original formatting of bold, italics. However, from here I cannot copy paste to Ghostwriter but I can save it as a .md file which can be accessed by Ghostwriter.

This allows me to not have to visit this site to convert tables to markdown. And of course allows me to work offline and save my work and check what the output will look like without having to use the save and preview options in the Journal.

Finally inserting images that are not on inaturalist servers.
This forum post How to post images in Journal Pages has a lot of solutions

The code, that works for me has been shared many times on the forums but am doing so again so that the entire process is here for the readers. I also only describe google photos, the process will be same for most image hosting providers , i think

  1. Upload the images you want to google photos
  2. Click on the chosen photo t, and then right click and open image in a new tab
    This should be at the beginning of the picture URL to know this URL will work.

<img src=" OF THE URL" alt="Alternative Text you want to write">

This is a working version
<img src="" alt-"Beetles Observation in India on iNaturalist">


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