Are observation counts in listed taxa pages no longer being updated?

So for example this page

shows 0 observations. That’s not right.

That record has been on the site for close to a year, it moved to RG close to a year ago.

I just found close to 2 dozen odes on the Brazil checklist showing 0 observations, yet when I clicked to refresh observations, it suddenly updated to some non 0 number.

This inaccuracy impacts the filtering on the checklist, choosing observed=0 obviously works off this as those will be found this way. It affects the map on the taxon page as it will incorrectly show in orange (for checklist page, no observations) not green as it should among other things.

Manually finding and individually refreshing the listed taxa listings is not really viable.

But that’s how old lists are working these days, it was happening a year ago too. (not sure if it was about all lists or only life lists, but other than those nothing changed yet).

As far as I can tell, at least from research so far is once the counter is started, then it is being updated, so far every record I’ve clicked where the counter is going, it is accurate.

But if the counter has not been started, then it never gets going, it has to be manually updated to get the counter started.

So for example:

132 records for Erythemis peruviana, most recently recorded yesterday, checklist page 132 records, so that is clearly getting updated.

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