Are yellow spotted millipedes dangerous?

I know that one yellow spotted millipede doesn’t produce enough cyanide to hurt a person, though would it be dangerous to have a culture of 10-20 ? Would it be enough cyanide to hurt me or any pets in my home, thanks for anyone who answers. :smile:

nope, millipedes arent dangerous! i would suggest making sure your pets dont eat them, but i can’t imagine a situation in which you could possibly have them emit enough cyanide to be dangerous. after all, they only secrete when they think they might be killed, so you would have to make them all simultaneously scared for their lives and even then, its such a small amount. that said, make sure you have good ventilation for your millipedes because if they don’t have good ventilation, they can end up suffocating themselves with the cyanide. (also, a culture of 10-20 is going to reproduce a LOT)


Thank you!


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