Artefact rectangle on the Actions tab

Platform: iOS 17.0.2, iPhone 12 Pro

App version number: 2.3.15, build 708

Description of problem: On the Actions tab, above the Tab bars: shows a useless rectangle with a white fill. It partially covers the scrolling list with content. Both the My Content tab and the News tab.

Yes - I have this too, just as described. iPhone14 Pro, iOS 17.0.2. Also, at the top of the same screens, the “my content” and “news” tabs are crowded up against the iPhone content of time, wifi signal, and the “island” (formerly the “notch”). So maybe the whole screen was intended to be shifted downward?

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Reminds me of this problem

You have described a different case.

  1. On the Actions tab you do not need to enter text from the keyboard. You have described a scenario for the screen Me → Observe → Edit
  2. Your screenshots show an Android application. The application architecture is different for iPhone