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Step 1: I was using a mouse to drag photos in the upload section.

Step 2: I had to take the mouse out and switch WiFi networks.

Step 3: The page then turned the normal cursor to the large cursor with a plus in the top right corner, and the actions on the top disappear, and I can’t edit, or even add observations.

Step 4: The two possible solutions in the related article on this forum (clicking the escape button twice and then clicking in a description box twice, and dragging the cursor through a description box with the button down) do not help.

Step 5: I can still interact with the bar that you can scroll up and down the screen with, and when I do, it either changes back to the large cursor with a plus in the top right, the cursor that appears when typing, or the white hand cursor. All of these cursors behave the same way.

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for your report! Hopefully someone will be able to help you soon.

Which browser, and which version of the browser, are you using? Has this ever happened before?