Adding id on iPad in horizontal mode is glitching

When adding ids or writing while in horizontal position on website on iPad 6 website page is constantly getting lower, hiding behind keyboard, while after some repetitions it’s finally working ok, I don’t know how it can be fixed, but as it can work normally, it probably can.

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Seems similar to this bug:

I’m not sure I understand the desription of the problem, but is it related to the white bar Chrome adds to the top of the keyboard?

When I open observation it’s as in 1st screenshot, but when I start typing part with text goes down and appears hidden without anything seen, if I try typing and deleting again for some time eventually it doesn’t do that and I can add id. It’s probably an iPad problem, but maybe something can be done to make it sticky.

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Does it happen in Safari?

No, in Chrome.

So just to make sure I understand you, you’re saying this only happens in Chrome? You’ve tried to do the same thing in Safari and it works fine?

When I try now it doesn’t happen in Safari.

Ok. I think it’s related to that white bar above the keyboard that Chrome adds. Not sure there’s much we can do about that until we design the site to be mobile-friendly.

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Alright, let it be then!