Atlas suddenly blank - or is it?

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Suddenly-blank atlas:

…but log of added places remains:

Description of problem:
I was adding counties in North Carolina to make a county-level atlas for a taxon, in preparation for a taxon split. This atlas was complex; involving many counties across several states, in an attempt to replicate the vouchered range map for the taxon. I had already added many counties (I’m not sure how many).

Suddenly, the display of the atlas, showing added counties/states as green stopped showing any added places. See the first image above. But the log below the map showed no removal of any places. At the top of the “recent listed taxon alterations” was indeed the most recently added place, a county in North Carolina. (see image 2).

I need to see what I’ve already added to complete this atlas.


EDIT: If you click on the atlas example above, you will see green regions now. I’ve since worked around this bug by un-exploding some states, allowing me to work with fewer regions total. It’s not ideal; the maps are now coarser, but still useful for this particular split.

the atlas seems to display the boundaries of your places by getting the geometry from the API via /v1/places/{id}. you can get information for up to 500 places in one request. beyond that, the request fails and responds like so:

{"error":"Too many IDs","status":422}

in this particular case, you’re dealing with more than 500 state- and county-level places, it seems, which means that this request fails (and probably should be broken up into multiple requests by the page):,8,19,21,23,28,32,33,36,37,45,49,54,61,62,63,65,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,106,108,109,110,114,115,116,120,121,128,141,142,147,152,153,154,182,214,216,219,221,242,251,252,253,259,261,264,267,280,283,285,287,293,296,305,331,332,333,334,337,354,356,357,371,374,375,387,394,396,398,424,440,471,483,504,505,508,509,515,523,542,550,572,573,582,591,602,604,605,608,610,615,617,618,656,658,659,661,662,663,675,691,706,707,708,710,721,722,732,733,735,738,739,742,743,744,756,757,767,786,788,790,791,794,818,821,838,853,873,876,879,881,887,913,919,921,927,930,940,946,989,994,1022,1027,1034,1038,1039,1040,1041,1042,1043,1044,1046,1047,1051,1052,1053,1054,1056,1057,1058,1070,1071,1073,1074,1075,1096,1099,1102,1104,1106,1110,1111,1116,1117,1120,1122,1130,1133,1134,1136,1141,1172,1173,1175,1177,1183,1184,1186,1189,1190,1192,1227,1228,1235,1243,1246,1264,1266,1267,1268,1270,1271,1283,1292,1297,1298,1299,1300,1341,1342,1343,1354,1356,1357,1358,1364,1372,1373,1374,1375,1376,1398,1402,1404,1405,1406,1407,1409,1412,1413,1427,1434,1435,1436,1437,1444,1445,1446,1447,1448,1457,1459,1461,1463,1464,1468,1469,1470,1472,1490,1493,1494,1508,1522,1523,1536,1555,1564,1565,1566,1567,1568,1569,1576,1578,1581,1585,1588,1589,1590,1591,1592,1615,1617,1618,1639,1640,1649,1650,1651,1660,1662,1664,1676,1677,1679,1681,1682,1687,1688,1689,1690,1691,1692,1693,1694,1695,1696,1697,1698,1719,1720,1722,1724,1725,1726,1746,1775,1782,1818,1843,1844,1859,1864,1872,1873,1874,1875,1881,1887,1888,1889,1897,1900,1901,1906,1913,1932,1934,1946,1947,1948,1949,1950,1951,1952,1953,1954,1955,1956,1957,1958,1959,1960,1961,1962,1963,1964,1965,1966,1967,1968,1969,1970,1971,1972,1980,1982,1983,1985,1999,2001,2003,2007,2012,2032,2040,2041,2044,2045,2069,2074,2097,2102,2115,2139,2146,2150,2151,2171,2178,2181,2185,2186,2198,2200,2201,2203,2205,2206,2213,2225,2227,2229,2230,2255,2256,2257,2264,2270,2272,2274,2275,2292,2299,2300,2301,2303,2305,2306,2340,2341,2347,2357,2359,2360,2366,2399,2400,2401,2407,2408,2410,2443,2445,2448,2449,2462,2471,2505,2506,2540,2559,2563,2564,2589,2590,2591,2607,2610,2611,2612,2614,2616,2621,2622,2623,2653,2665,2666,2667,2670,2674,2675,2687,2690,2692,2697,2714,2723,2727,2771,2772,2778,2784,2786,2789,2815,2821,2825,2832,2842,2911,2913,2914,2915,2917,2922,2923,2927,2928,2929,2930,2931,2947,2952,2954,2957,2958,2970,2971,2972,2973,2975,2983,2988,2996,3020,3021,3030,3033,3043,3045,3049,3054,3059,13395,13406,13407,13408,13409,13410,13412,13416,13422,13430,13431,13432,13434,13435,13444,13445,13446,13451,13452,13453,13457,13464,13465,13467,13482,13483,13487,13508,13512,13513,13517,13519,13521,13524,48807,48809,48810,48813,48816,48818,48819,48820,48821,108237,108238,108242?per_page=500


Is there anything I can do to resolve this (sorry - I’m not a tech-savvy person)? I don’t think I can faithfully replicate the range map with fewer places.

i don’t think there’s anything you can do, short of creating your own visualization of the atlas. otherwise, you’ll have to wait for an update to the page, i think.

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It looks like @ddennism and I are experiencing the same limitation on the number of places that can be included in an atlas:

Thanks for explaining why this happens @pisum.


the bug reports that @thomaseverest linked to in your thread sound like the same thing as what’s going on in this thread, too:

moderators might consider consolidating them all.

one more note: i guess if anyone comes across similar-looking issues, they can open up the developer tools in their browser and look for an HTTP 422 error in either the console or the network monitor, associated with a request to… if you’re not seeing this, then it could be something else. (but i think these are probably all the same thing.)


Yes, consolidating these threads would be helpful. And yes, my atlas page also shows that HTTP 422 (Unprocessable Entity) error.