Is there a maximum number of places than can included in an atlas?

In creating an atlas for Palustricodon aparinoides, a currently inactive taxon that will be the target for a swap from Campanula aparinoides, I made the ill-advised decision to explode each state to county level. This species is present in about 31 states (plus about half the Canadian provinces.)

This was all working OK and I saved the atlas a few times as I was adding county-level distribution records. But after I did my final save, the atlas no longer shows any of those counties. I tried a couple of test changes afterwards, selecting Barnstable County, Mass., but the original additions don’t appear to show. Strangely, if I go to edit the the states that I “exploded” are outlined in orange if I go to edit the atlas.

Did I exceed some limit on the number of entities? I’m happy to be less ambitious with atlases, but it would really help to know what limits I should have in mind.

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I’ve seen some weird things like this before so it might just be a bug.


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