Places spontaneously removed from atlas

I made this atlas for this split, but when I finished (before I activated it) the places were suddenly all gone from the atlas. I activated the atlas, but that didn’t work. I inactivated the atlas, and then all the places came back! I activated the atlas again and the places are all missing again, even if I inactivate it. I cleared my cookies and looked on multiple browsers but no luck. I spent quite a while adding all the teeny weeny pieces around Brisbane, and I really don’t want to have to do that again. I don’t think this is the same bug, but maybe.

I see the places here and the atlas is/was active when I clicked on it. Are you still seeing this?

Good to know. This is what I see.

I’m OK if it doesn’t show up so long as it splits properly. (Although I’m not sure it makes a huge difference for the outcome.)